Monday, December 12, 2016

Fire Damage Fort Myers - Simple Safety Precautions when Entering a Burned Building in Fort Myers

By: Steve Rone
12 Dec. 2016

Fires are dangerous, even after they have fully run their course. A burned building or area often harbors many unseen but still very real dangers, and taking precautions against them is imperative for anyone entering the fire damaged area. Some threats, such as sharp objects or still-burning materials, are easily visible and often identifiable by smell or sound. Others, such as weakened structural edifices or airborne dangers, can be much more difficult to spot.
Airborne Particles and Hazards
The first step towards securing your safety after fire damage in your Fort Myers home is to ensure that airborne contaminants and hazards stay clear of your eyes and lungs. Particularly in the immediate hours after the fire, airborne particles can contain ash, chemicals, and even small embers, all of which may hospitalize or seriously hurt someone if inhaled or placed on the naked eye. Wear a mask whenever you enter a burned area, and try to wear safety goggles as well. If you do get something in your eye, flush it with water immediately and consider seeking medical aid.
Weakened Structural Components
These hazards are often the most difficult to spot, as they can give few clues as to their location and existence to the untrained eye. As a general rule, don't enter any upper-level areas or place heavy weight on anything until an expert has approved it. Additionally, try to look out for crumbling areas and unstable ground. If you think a structure is unsafe in the first place, it is probably best to just not go in.
Sharp or Hot Surfaces
Many surfaces or objects in a fire-damaged home may be searing hot or cruelly sharp, causing intense pain for anyone unlucky enough to stumble into them. More importantly, however, these unclean surfaces may also lead to dangerous infections and illness. To best protect yourself, wear long-sleeved, protective clothing and close-toed shoes whenever you are entering a burned building. 
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